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Freedom Series Pitch Hopper Revolutionary Roofing Wedge Safety Assist Tool

Roof Wedge

Lower Pitch Side

If you flip your Pitch Hopper around you will find the lower pitched side, which is designed to give a level surface on a 9/12 pitch. This side can be used on any pitch below a 9/12 as well to provide a temporary working surface.

Steep Pitch Side

The Pitch Hopper provides a temporary working surface on any pitch up to a 12/12. The steeper pitched side allows for a level surface on a 12/12, but can be used on any pitch all the way down to a 9/12.

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Begin your journey to find the perfect Pitch Hopper product for your needs. Shop our full collection of Pitch Hopper products and accessories below. 

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Friction Force Foam

We make a uniquely blended foam and bind it to the wedge. The foam bottom creates a bond with asphalt shingles when weight and friction are applied. Each Pitch Hopper is rated to hold up to 250lbs. Please always wear certified safety harness while using our product. 

Easy Grip Handles

Just grab your Pitch Hopper and go with effortless hand placement. Each Pitch Hopper has matching grab areas on either side.

Moving your lightweight yet highly-durable wedge around the roof is easy. Our roof assistance tool weighs less than 7lb for the 32 Inch, and less than 6lbs for the 24 Inch.

"Absolute best product for roof work, hard to imagine it working so well on many different pitches. I will soon be adding a few more"

— Pitch Hopper Customer March, 2024

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